Initial Consultation

The initial consultation or meeting with your attorney is an opportunity for you to discuss your case in the privacy of an office and determine whether the attorney has the experience and qualifications necessary to best represent you.

It is important that you bring any and all paperwork that you received from the officer, the court or the Department of Licensing. You should expect that an attorney will review all of the paperwork that you have brought, thoroughly discuss the incident and any concerns that could affect the case.

More importantly, you need to know how your case will be handled and that the lawyer has extensive experience handling criminal cases. Many attorneys may handle criminal matters infrequently or sporadically and do not have the necessary background or experience defending criminal cases. Often times we hear from these clients after they have plead guilty that their lawyer read the reports told them it was a tough case and that they needed to plead guilty or that they were not aware of all of the consequences. That is not the kind of attorney you need. At the Law Offices of Rene Cespedes, I provide an initial one hour consultation at no cost.